PIIP Lately #3 – Portland Still Rioting, Woke Politics, Senate Filibuster

Rioting is still occurring in Portland, yet the Portland mayor does not want any help. When will the rioting end?

Businesses love going woke. But, some have found out the hard way that go woke, go broke is a pretty accurate saying. While these businesses want to be on the right side of the ’cause’..it has backfired in the past. Red Bull made a decision recently to go against the woke movement. How will it go for them?

The Senate filibuster is a mechanism that makes it impossible to pass legislation and make Presidential appointments with agreement from both parties. Will the filibuster be removed at some point?

We also discuss a news agency threatening to post Tucker Carlson’s home address in an article they are releasing about him.

Finally, a story from Canada about govt. recommendations on safe sex during Covid. You won’t believe the recommendations.