PIIP Lately #19 – The Truth about Election Irregularities and Biden’s ‘Progressive’ Cabinet

Mail-in ballots are inherently more likely to be fraudulent due to the difference in process compared to in-person voting.  The Trump administration, like any administration, has every right to take legal action because of perceived irregularities on election day. These irregularities are not necessarily instances of fraud but are odd situations that don’t have reasonable explanations. But don’t get it mistaken. The odds of overcoming the Biden lead and proving fraud is very unlikely, and we discuss why.

Nevertheless, some of the current litigation is relevant more broadly and goes beyond overturning the Biden election win. We discuss what appears to be a clear overreach of the Pennsylvania Supreme Court. The Court changed aspects of the states election laws as passed by the State legislature. This is not the job of a court. We explain why this is not their job and the context of how they changed the law.

Finally, Biden is considering his cabinet. The cabinet is surely Progressive if race/sexuality/gender interest you but diversity of thought is absent.