How Family, Our Social Circle, and Personality Influence Our Politics

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Family dynamics can have a strong influence on our political views. The family structure, values, or behaviors of the members of the family are just some of the factors that influence our politics.

In our case, moving to a new country changed all of us greatly. Not surprisingly, the children more so than the parents.The culture of the old country (Yugoslavia) played a crucial role in the family dynamics, and perceptions of how things should be organized changed for both Elvis and Ermin over time in the new country (Canada).

Our social circle is another factor. How our friends and extended family members behave impacts how we see the world. Did you have a friend in your life that always stressed personal responsibility and always acting on what you want in life?

Our personality is also an important factor that dictates our political leanings. If you are Orderly, like Elvis, this is a great predictor of your political leanings…conservative in this case.

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