Discussion with Dr. Shawn T. Smith – Foundations of Psychology, Anti-Masculine Rhetoric, Hypergamy

We had the pleasure of speaking to Clinical Psychologist, Dr Shawn T. Smith. Dr Smith primarily specializes in managing risk in dating and marriage. He also has an interest in and works with clients who struggle with anxiety disorders.

We discuss many topics.

First, we start by discussing the foundations of Modern Psychology (ie the methods used to derive knowledge), and how they might be implicated in some of the anti-masculine rhetoric we see from the APA. For example, are self-reports a reliable data-gathering method or does it make a Clinician more likely to confirm their own biases/ideology?

We also consider what might be the source of the anti-masculine rhetoric coming from the American Psychological Association (APA) .

Finally, we spend time discussing the concept of hypergamy. When is it a useful concept and when is it used beyond its limitations to explain/predict phenomena that does not square with reality?

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