PIIP 4: The No Consequence Society And Defunding The Police

Discussions about policy brutality and the idea of defunding the police have recently dominated the news cycle in the United States.

Elvis and Ermin discuss to what extent policy brutality is a problem in America, and what ways the problem can be addressed.

They also have a conversation about the ‘defund the police’ movement.

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PIIP 3: Escaping Socialist Yugoslavia, Our Story

In 1991,the breakup of Yugoslavia was under way. Slovenia had declared independence in 1990 and left with only a few shots fired. Croatia declared their independence in the middle of 1991 and would not be as lucky, and this was in large part because a 1/3 of its territory had a significant Serb population.

Bosnia would have the toughest exit as it had significant populations of Bosniaks (Bosnian Muslims), Serbs and Croats. 

In 1991, the three main ethnic groups (Bosniaks, Serbs, Croats) started carving out different regions of Bosnia for themselves. Elvis & I were kids at this time (7 and 11 years old), and were living in a territory that Serbs had declared as theirs. 

This is where our conversation starts.

We highlight what our family went through from the moment Serb soldiers entered our village, to how we ended up in the West.

You will also get some sense about how we feel about socialism/communism, and how that system contributed to the breakup of Yugoslavia.

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PIIP 1: How Social Media Impacts Your Mental Health

Promoting better mental health is a passion of ours. In the past, Elvis dealt with low self-esteem and confidence and this was in large part from comparing himself to others on social networks. Ermin was at one time a Graduate student in Educational Psychology and has seen with his own eyes how psychological diagnosis is nowhere near the standard of medicine. How is social media having an impact on our mental health? Are there any good solutions? What kind of person may be more affected?

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PIIP 2:How Different Visions of Human Nature Result in Political Rivalries

Political dialogue these days is often very focused on specific policies, and in turn, the assumption is that the government must have the best solution. As a result, individuals fight over Healthcare or Education policy but very few people zoom out to get a sense of the implicit assumptions being made to get to a particular solution. Skipping this important step has lead us to a place where disagreement with opponents on policy is always interpreted as a sign of malice and moral failure, not differences in vision. Progressive commentators like Kyle Kulinski use this tactic often, and they don’t see how this is not useful.

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