PIIP Lately #15 – Amy Coney Barrett Confirmation and Trump will be Re-Elected

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The confirmation hearings of Justice Amy Coney Barrett are concluding. We discuss how she performed and what to take away from them. US Senate Committee will vote on her nomination on October 22nd, 2020.

Ermin makes his prediction on who will win the election. After some research, (and a change of mind from his initial position), he explains why he thinks Trump will be re-elected.

PIIP Lately #14 – The Vice Presidential Debate (Harris vs. Pence)

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Episode description:
The first and only Vice Presidential debate took place on October 7th, 2020. Did Vice President Mike Pence do any better than Trump did? And what moments of the debate went viral on social media?

Is Civil War in the United States Likely?

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Episode description:
Unfortunately, Ermin and Elvis have some experience with civil war. They fled Socialist Yugoslavia in late 91′. We weigh in on whether, and to what extent, the situation in the United States seems similar to the situation in the Former Yugoslavia.

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How Excessive Intellectualization Leads You Astray: A Mathematical Perspective

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We explore the role of knowledge and intellectual thought in politics. We will do it through a mathematical lens…but don’t worry, we won’t be asking you to solve any equations. Math is simply a different way of thinking about the world, and it allows you to express thoughts into numbers. We will focus exclusively on the thinking aspect.

The main idea is this: No knowledge is often better than some knowledge if the latter is bad knowledge. ‘Bad’ in our definition is simply the inability to remove noise from the actual meaning/or signal of message.

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PIIP Lately #13 – Reaction to the first Trump/Biden Presidential Debate

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The first Presidential debate between President Trump and Joe Biden (who was Vice President under Obama), is over. It was a fiery and heated debate. Both parties were clearly frustrated and took that anger out on each other. The moderator, Chris Wallace of Fox News, did not do a great job at keeping the candidates in line.

PIIP Lately #12 – Breonna Taylor Verdict, Romney Says YES, Delonte West

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The Breonna Taylor verdict is in. One officer was charged. Protests and Riots followed. We have the latest.

Mitt Romney has said that he will consider the qualifications of a judge that Trump nominates for SCOTUS. This is a big win for Trump.

Former NBA player, Delonte West, is on the street begging for money. What can we learn from this sad and unfortunate story?

PIIP Lately #10 – Trump Lied To Americans About Covid? Portland Bans Facial Recognition

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We are closing in on the General Election, which can only mean one thing..stories will be leaked in an effort to impact the election. The left of course want to sway the election in an effort to unseat Trump. Bob Woodward did just that by releasing old quotes that indicate that Trump was aware of the dangers posed by Covid-19 but choose to ‘lie’ about the danger faced to the American public.

We also discuss Portland’s ban on facial recognition software. What’s the positive here? What’s the negative?

Finally, we consider the latest general election polls.

Discussion with Dr. Shawn T. Smith – Foundations of Psychology, Anti-Masculine Rhetoric, Hypergamy

We had the pleasure of speaking to Clinical Psychologist, Dr Shawn T. Smith. Dr Smith primarily specializes in managing risk in dating and marriage. He also has an interest in and works with clients who struggle with anxiety disorders.

We discuss many topics.

First, we start by discussing the foundations of Modern Psychology (ie the methods used to derive knowledge), and how they might be implicated in some of the anti-masculine rhetoric we see from the APA. For example, are self-reports a reliable data-gathering method or does it make a Clinician more likely to confirm their own biases/ideology?

We also consider what might be the source of the anti-masculine rhetoric coming from the American Psychological Association (APA) .

Finally, we spend time discussing the concept of hypergamy. When is it a useful concept and when is it used beyond its limitations to explain/predict phenomena that does not square with reality?

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