Podcast Split Into Two

So, we decided it make sense to break the podcast into two different podcasts essentially. The ‘PIIP’ stands for ‘Politics In Its Place’.


PIIP Lately is all about covering the latest political news.

PIIP Original is about covering big issues/themes/topics, and often outside of politics (from psychology, sociology, economics, philosophy, and other vantage points).

PIIP Original:


PIIP Lately:


PIIP Lately #23 – Texas Sues States for Illegal Elections + Newsom Corruption

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Texas Attorney General has sued four states (Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin) and 17 other States have now joined the lawsuit. The State of Texas made the following statement:
“the defendant states exploited the COVID-19 pandemic to justify unlawfully enacting last-minute changes and ignoring both federal and state election laws, thus skewing the results of the 2020 General Election. ”

Governor Newsom has many business interests. While he did put the businesses in a blind trust when taking political office, his many businesses are lead by his sister. These companies have gotten favorable treatment in terms of financial support compared to the average company..in the magnitude of 7 to 8 times more.

PIIP Lately #22 – Trump 2024, CNN Exposed, Progressives Attack Obama

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The mainstream media are reporting (based on a comment by Trump) that he will run in 2024. We discuss if this idea has merit.

CNN, in particular its top boss, Jeff Zucker, has been exposed by Project Veritas. CNN threatened legal action against journalist James O’Keefe on Tuesday after Project Veritas announced that they had spied into daily calls for months of CNN head Jeff Zucker.

Finally, Progressives cannot get along with the more mainstream/establishment Dems. Some Progressives took to Twitter to criticize Obama’s comment that ‘defund the police’ was a bad slogan and that it did not help the Dems at the polls.

We also have a couple of other stories.

Roe v. Wade and the Abortion Issue

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We start by discussing the Roe v. Wade decision of the US Supreme Court in 1973.

This decision is still in effect today. The ruling protects a pregnant woman’s liberty to choose to have an abortion without excessive government restriction. Prior to this, there were many laws that treated abortion as a crime.

In the rest of the episode we explore our feelings and thoughts on abortion more generally.

PIIP Lately #21 – Biden solves Systemic Racism, Fighting COVID Madness and Fines, and More!

Biden has promised to cure cancer and diabetes and get rid of systemic racism. I guess this is why he said ‘you ain’t black’ if you don’t vote for him. Biden thinks so little of minority populations (including black Americans) that he thinks such platitudes and ridiculous statements will actually be accepted by these communities. How stupid does he think African-Americans and Latinos are?

People are getting fined for working during COVID. One gym owner got fined 15k. Don’t expect government, people who get paid no matter what (because they get paid by taking our money), to understand business people and to appreciate that in the real world, not government world, you actually have to produce results for people and offering something of value if you want to get paid.

What Conservatism Gets Right and Wrong

Conservatism is a political and social philosophy promoting traditional social institutions in the context of culture and civilization. The central tenets of conservatism include traditionorganic societyhierarchyauthority, and property rights.

There are many variants of conservatism, we discuss some of them at the beginning of the podcast, and then consider what we like and don’t like.

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PIIP Lately #20 – Wayne County GOP Members Bullied?, Obama Memoir, Pelosi Speaker Again

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Two Republicans on Wayne County Board of Canvassers claimed in signed affidavits Wednesday that they were bullied into siding with Democrats and have now rescinded their votes to certify. We discuss what this could mean.

Obama released his Memoir. We discuss some things in it that we found interesting.

And Nancy Pelosi will be Speaker once again. Are you surprised?

PIIP Lately #19 – The Truth about Election Irregularities and Biden’s ‘Progressive’ Cabinet

Mail-in ballots are inherently more likely to be fraudulent due to the difference in process compared to in-person voting.  The Trump administration, like any administration, has every right to take legal action because of perceived irregularities on election day. These irregularities are not necessarily instances of fraud but are odd situations that don’t have reasonable explanations. But don’t get it mistaken. The odds of overcoming the Biden lead and proving fraud is very unlikely, and we discuss why.

Nevertheless, some of the current litigation is relevant more broadly and goes beyond overturning the Biden election win. We discuss what appears to be a clear overreach of the Pennsylvania Supreme Court. The Court changed aspects of the states election laws as passed by the State legislature. This is not the job of a court. We explain why this is not their job and the context of how they changed the law.

Finally, Biden is considering his cabinet. The cabinet is surely Progressive if race/sexuality/gender interest you but diversity of thought is absent.